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Teacher Unemployment and Job Projections

If you’re currently an educator or you’re considering becoming one, it’s important to understand the current unemployment rate of teachers in the country. You need to know your chances of actually finding a job if you want to become a teacher or you want to find another teaching job. The […]

Non-Profit Bookkeeper Salary

Non-profit organizations rely on their bookkeepers to help them stay within their budgets, which is critical to their being able to serve their clients. If you’re considering working at a non-profit organization as a bookkeeper, you will want to know what kind of salary you can expect to help you […]

Director of Operations / Facilities

A typical job advertisement for a Director of Operations / Facilities includes tasks like planning, scheduling, delegating, and overseeing the work of general maintenance and grounds personnel. They provide training and instruction in safety measures and procedures, and help ensure that projects are completed safely, in a high-quality manner, and […]

Director of Institutional Advancement

Nonprofit organizations need major donors to secure their futures, and that is where the Director of Institutional Advancement comes in. This position helps cultivate and manage large donations from individuals, organizations, and corporations to ensure that the work of their nonprofit continues making an impact. If you’re in the middle […]

Public vs. Charter Teacher Salaries

As a teacher, you have many choices for where you want to work these days. You can work for a traditional public school, an online public or charter school, a private school, run your own business as a tutor, or perhaps you offer homeschooling classes. These are just a few […]

Salary Forecast: Nonprofit Director of Development

The salary of a nonprofit Director of Development can vary significantly. The salary depends on several factors, such as region, experience, education, mission/focus of the nonprofit, size of the organization, and more. Narrowing down a precise salary for this position isn’t completely possible, but you can definitely get a good […]

Salary Forecast: Director of Finance Salary

Directors of finance and finance directors both handle financial considerations of an organization, but they have different concentrations. While some of their duties overlap, some of them do not, and this results in a difference in their overall salary. Financial Managers Financial managers are in charge of managing and recording […]

Salary Forecast: Digital Director

A digital director is in a unique position as this person combines business and technology to help an organization succeed. Working with business managers, they advance technological function in an organization and help the organization meet its business goals.  They identify solutions for the organization using technology that will boost […]

Salary Forecast: Senior Server Developer

A server developer works with a team to design and create an organization’s product platform from the ground up. They help move the organization forward and to the top of new technologies like social gaming by utilizing the best of emerging technology on the server side. They are skilled in […]

Salary Forecast: Cost Accountant

Cost accountants specialize in identifying costs in the supply chain of the product or service of their company. They also handle costs in a variety of areas, such as human resources, administration, shipping, and production. In general, accountants work to find ways to reduce costs and boost revenues, according to […]

Salary Forecast: Credit and Collections Representative

A credit and collections representative, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, typically calls individuals and businesses who are overdue on their bills. They use investigative tools like the Internet, post office, credit bureaus, or neighbors to find out where they live before they call. When they do call (or […]

Salary Forecast: UNIX / Linux Engineers

While UNIX is copyrighted, Linux can be considered a “UNIX clone,” according to Furthermore, notes that “While Linux is an open source, free to use operating system widely used for computer hardware and software, game development, tablet PCS, mainframes, Unix is a proprietary operating system commonly used in […]

Salary Forecast: Cisco CCIE Engineers

According to, “[t]he Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, or CCIE, is a technical certification offered by Cisco Systems. The CCIE certifies the skills required of network engineers to plan, operate and troubleshoot complex, converged network infrastructures on a wide variety of Cisco equipment.” Depending on who you talk to, the […]

Salary Forecast: Staff Accountant

Accountants perform a variety of duties, such as looking closely at financial statements to make sure they are precise and follow any applicable laws and regulations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They also calculate how much in taxes an organization or individual owes, and they prepare taxes and […]

Salary Forecast: Payroll Manager

Payroll managers are part of a company’s human resources administrative team. They are in charge of of the organization’s payroll department and make sure that all parts of the payroll process are done in the right way. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they also handle payroll processes, write […]

Salary Forecast: Storage / Backup Architect

Storage or backup engineers are in charge of the storage systems for organizations. They design and create storage configurations, using industry best systems in conjunction with specific organizational requirements. Additionally, they make sure that the right storage technology and setup is adequate. They may also come up with the methods […]

Salary Forecast: Database Engineer

Database engineers may also be known as database administrators. Many of their tasks overlap with those of database engineers, and some companies may give either title to a particular position. For the purposes of this article, database administrators and engineers are grouped together as it relates to salary.  According to […]

Salary Forecast: Internal Auditor

Internal auditors are in a pivotal position. They make sure financial controls within an organization work well, and they keep all of the records of business policies and processes, according to They also work to better customer service by implementing advancements in the audit and financial control systems. Additionally, […]

Salary Forecast: Senior Financial Analyst

Financial analysts are at the forefront of business decisions. They are advisors to both businesses and individuals who want to make investments. They evaluate how well bonds, stocks, and other investments perform.   To become a financial analyst, you’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree that provides classes in accounting, statistics, […]