Perennial Resources International is a full-service search and staffing firm whose mission, quite simply, is to serve the personnel needs of our clients.

One unique approach. One source of excellence. One complete solution.

PRI is unique among full-service staffing and search firms. Our clients are in industries ranging from financial services, utilities, pharmaceuticals, CPG, accounting and legal, to manufacturing, advertising, technology and publishing. They choose PRI because we believe in forming a partnership with their individual business, in addition to providing them with thorough and personalized services for each and every placement throughout the relationship.

We continually ask our clients what they consider the most important factors in establishing a successful relationship with a search and staffing service. The answers we hear most often are responsiveness, quality of placements, consistency, reliability and ‘no surprises.’ As leaders in the search and staffing industries, we understand completely what they mean.

Senior staff members are your primary contacts.

Account Managers are the principals and owners who are decision-makers themselves. As such, they understand the importance of your business requirements. Best of all, they are your primary contacts and they are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As unique, cutting-edge professionals, we are always thinking of new ways to provide you with the best results. Our commitment to diversity recruitment is paramount to this philosophy. We practice it in all our staffing and search efforts, and we exercise it internally. Diversity gives us an advantage over our competition, and it is an advantage we will share with you.

Our candidates come with “satisfaction guaranteed.”

We have a talented, creative team of researchers who use existing databases, industry contacts, client referrals, online recruiting and more to act quickly on your customized searches. Whether it is for Executive Search, Direct Hire, or Staff Augmentation, we identify, interview, screen, test and reference check every candidate before we send them to you. Education, qualifications, skills, references, experience, demeanor, ethics and personality are all carefully examined by our counselors to ensure a perfect fit within your company. No other selection criteria are as exact or thorough as ours. An assignment is concluded only after there is total satisfaction on both your part and the individual accepting the position.

As for our consultants, your satisfaction is their highest concern. We offer incentive bonuses for outstanding performance and job completion. The feedback that determines the bonus is provided by you in our client satisfaction surveys. Our workers are motivated to perform at the highest level to meet your needs.

Our consistency and reliability save you time and money.

From our first meeting with you, we think beyond the transactional level and look forward to a long-term relationship. We learn about you and your company as much as circumstances permit viewing your offices, discussing confidentiality issues, understanding management philosophies, reviewing available technologies, and taking comprehensive job descriptions. At every step of the way, we develop company, department, and user profiles to ensure that your standards are met consistently and reliably. This constant attention means we respond to your needs quickly and efficiently, delivering highly personalized solutions to multiple assignments with equal importance and accuracy. We pool our instincts and our recruiting resources to place the perfect person in the most pivotal of roles. You can concentrate on your core business, confident that we are introducing you to the top-tier professionals in your area.

And no surprises.

When you’re hiring a new team member, you want everything to go smoothly, with no unexpected revelations. We make sure there is no confusion about even the smallest of details. You will not be blindsided with last-minute costs, delays or productivity losses. When you hire PRI, all terms and processes are agreed-to right from the start. Our multi-level applicant screening process makes sure you hire only the top performers in your field. When you call for one of our consultants, you can have absolute peace of mind. Every consultant goes through comprehensive orientation and performance training for each assignment prior to arriving at your location. We ensure they arrive on time, dressed appropriately with a positive attitude. If you have an unexpected need, such as an absent employee, our stand-by system means we have another qualified person ready to fill-in. Unique to the staffing industry, we offer a second back-up person for those projects of the highest priority. This service is provided at no cost to you. For executive searches or direct hires, you also have the option to work on a retainer basis. This means no matter how lengthy or difficult the assignment, PRI works with you until completion. Unlike ordinary retained searches, our costs are fixed and agreed upon before we even begin the process. Again, you will never be surprised with any hidden costs.


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