Using a Staffing Firm as an Extension of Your In-House Team

Even if your organization has a talent acquisition team, you may not be able to reach the best potential employees through the efforts of this team alone. With a staffing firm, you extend your reach significantly, and you have access to individuals who may not even have been thinking about looking for a new position, individuals who can help your organization thrive and succeed.

A recruitment firm is always moving and networking, particularly in the fields in which they specialize. They know the movers and shakers, and they know who the rising and established talent figures are in each company. With this knowledge and access, they know who is working in the field and when the right time is to approach them with a new offer.

Passive candidates who might not be currently searching for a position or frequenting job boards are a potential group of people that your company may not have access to without working with a staffing firm. Your company could be just the place that they have been wanting to work for.

Staffing organizations also take the time to get to know your company and its particular goals for recruitment. They learn about your company culture, mission, vision, and other particulars necessary to make the right match between new employee and organization. They are committed to finding the right person for the job.

You obviously don’t want to hire just anyone for an open position. A staffing firm’s expertise can help narrow down the list of potential candidates so that you can select from the best in your industry, even if they’re working somewhere else currently. This makes the entire hiring process so much easier for you.

Your organization saves time and energy posting an open position and then interviewing candidates when it works directly with a staffing firm. You only meet with the best of the best from the already-small pool of candidates and then make your selection based on who you think is a perfect fit.

Working with a recruiting partner can also save your company a lot of money. You can avoid paying for posting the job online in various places and for employees’ time for the hiring and interviewing process. You get right to the heart of the issue with a staffing company: finding the right individual to start working in an open position as soon as possible. You also potentially save money on training by working with a recruiting company because it can help find the people with the right skills and experience that a traditional recruitment campaign might overlook.

Going it alone in the talent acquisition field can be daunting, and without the right expertise to guide your organization, it may miss out on the best person for a certain project or team. Partner with a staffing firm to help you identify and hire the most talented and skilled people in your industry. Put the firm’s industry connections and knowledge of the field to work for you.